Chinese CN domain name overseas demand soared

in the situation of global economic decline, "China" has become the winter warmth. The influx of foreign capital, the value of China’s CN domain name and the rapid rise in overseas demand. Reporters from the city, the day before the domain name Chinese renamed and a number of domain name registration services was informed that this year, the CN domain name registered overseas surge in the number of participating foreign institutions to buy rapid growth in recent months.

domain name trading website domain name city CEO Wang Chunlei introduced, nearly half a year, city of overseas institutions through the domain CN domain name of the more than 1 thousand, every month on average nearly 200, overseas institutions submitted include finance, education, sports, FMCG, friends and other more than and 10 industries. Another domain name trading site name China general manager Kong Dejing did not disclose the specific amount, but said that compared to the same period last year, this year by China renamed to get foreign institutional CN domain growth rate as high as 55%, covering the United States, Japan and Germany, France and many other well-known enterprises, it should become a fashion trend of overseas enterprises the CN domain name.