Why is your content a little worse than 100 thousand


WeChat public number operation, the content of the reading is always a jump in the past hom. Many people may have doubts:

why do people read more than I do


why the content is exactly the same, the amount of other people’s reading easy 10W, and their own or worse?

why the title changed to be more attractive after reading or no other people?

why did someone do something like me, but his reading is more


why are taking advantage of a hot point is similar, others can read more



first of all, it must be a tragic scene.


Why is

so many reasons, such as:

fan base is not the same as the number of reading, of course, is not the same;

fans activity is not the same, read the number is not the same;

titles are different, the number of reading is not the same;

content layout is not the same, the number of reading is not the same;

forwarding is not the same as the number of reading, of course, not the same;

active gift is not the same, the number of reading is not the same;


, a total by everyone or forced to ignore, naturally or half unconsciously, but this is a very important point, that is investment.

before the listing, the essence of Liu Chuanzhi’s speech on the 20 pages of the PPT, this article is only in the Lenovo public number of the background there are 70 tens of thousands of reading, for an enterprise, it should be very much. Content is indeed very good, forwarding is indeed a lot, but you have to know that they are in addition to the circle of friends in the proliferation of red packets inside the group to ask for forwarding to spend about 50 thousand.

what does that mean? Not that good content will be crazy, or you can wait for the good harvest, to tell the truth, do a good content / activity is not easy, so that good content / activities must push it, each platform to push vigorously, this time we will need to invest money, it is necessary to. Others are always pushing, and you are still developing, of course, the gap is out.

you may have seen a lot of people say that an article of millions of reading, one might say hundreds of thousands of participation, are good emotional content, ah, the title bar, a strong sense of participation and so on, but he didn’t say that investment doesn’t mean they weren’t even investment, are likely to push the water please. There is a saying that is very good, those who claim that the use of violence against the people, in fact, just because there are other people to help him exercise violence.