Zhang Jindong Pro cross border electricity supplier users are also pretty amazing fight

recently, cross-border electricity supplier has become the most popular topic. Not only the consumer is crazy, even even chairman Su ningyun Zhang Jindong stopped for no footsteps. In June 28th, mainland consumers in Hongkong stores accidentally encounter Zhang Jindong, but a week ago, the Dragon Boat Festival in Japan, buy toilet cover, Tesco official consumers also found his figure. In this regard, Zhang Jindong said, to let the Chinese people stay at home, enjoy the high quality goods overseas to parity, and guaranteed authentic licensed. Some netizens wonder Zhang Jindong in order to cross-border electricity supplier, it is a fight!

just went to Japan, China, Hongkong, Zhang Jindong went to the cross-border electricity supplier,


injection of Su ningyun investors said, in fact, this year, "Zhang Jindong is really pretty fight". At the end of April investor conference, when he heard Zhang Jindong say in the marathon, personally traveled all large area to promote the transformation of the Internet, he also do not dare to believe. But according to the current pace, Zhang Jindong supervise District footsteps did not stop". Just two days before he went to Hongkong, he also ran a series of Changchun, Shenyang, Dalian, the big area, has traveled all over the big area of the 26.

from the footsteps of Zhang Jindong, cross-border electricity supplier is likely to become the focus of his direction. The Japanese had just finished, and went to Hongkong China, netizens have even speculated that Jindong is the next station is the United States, South Korea, the United States because suning.com Museum, Korea Pavilion has already opened, look at the two encounter".

short selling 41 containers a day


Hongkong Museum of an

Relying on

in Hongkong Suning retail platform, suning.com sales booming Hongkong museum. April Fool’s Day promotional day short of 41 containers; July 1st, in order to meet the huge demand for overseas shopping users, a new round of half off events triggered at any moment.

"the development of cross-border electricity supplier Hongkong has a natural advantage, Suning Hongkong to overseas especially the Southeast Asian market, to further expand the category, further improve the overseas procurement platform, through the whole process of cross-border shopping." Zhang Jindong said during a visit to Hongkong.

in Hongkong Suning stores, 3C digital products have a superb collection of beautiful things several times in Jindong stop; Hongkong suning.com 3C digital museum, in addition to outside, milk powder, diapers and even luxuries all occupy a very important position. This is due to Hongkong Suning retail experience for many years and Suning strong data analysis capabilities.

achieve cross-border rapid Hongkong, the fastest 3 days will be able to reach the hands of the user, thanks to Suning through the establishment of bonded warehouses in Guangzhou. After the purchase of a single user of goods in Hongkong, Suning will be shipped through Guangzhou bonded warehouse, and Suning in the country’s own strong logistics system to the hands of users. At present, Suning also passed through Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou and other bonded warehouse, built a complete system of cross-border logistics.

will play O2O mode advantage

to develop cross-border electricity supplier forward base