have just found a more practical way to promote the site

watch the news on QQ today, inadvertently found a thing, the startled, promotion method is every kind of changmen station, really put the party on the " times; " slogans play the most incisive! I’m ready to use this approach to publicize my hobby I stand what Chinese network http://s.bbs.52hdx.com. A news page take QQ http://s.news.qq.com/a/20080508/000204.htm for example, then we find in the lower right corner of this blog where (actually QQ room), see below


well, we’ll see a row in the third well, we opened his QQ space: http://s.blog.qq.com/qzone/622006433/1209869670.htm, we look at the browsing times and recovery times, is not a scare? QQ user group really is not blowing! We can have this

the content behind



is connected to his site, and then the article views is soaring.

ha ha, what can we get from the harvest, especially the opening of the company, would like to quickly enhance their visibility in a short time, do not prevent the use of a large fry special fried Oh!


here in the fifth of what cheap girl, doubt is a company in the hype!