2014 to raise the public where to go stepping on the wire to the dream


2013, no one questioned the hot Internet banking, BAT, P2P are the darling of the spotlight. The same as an important branch of Internet banking, but the congregation raised slightly lukewarm.

2014, Internet banking will continue hot, but we pay more attention to risk and regulation. And all the chips may be in this year, with the wings of the dream to fly to heaven.

contrast marginal cost, return on investment, risk benefit ratio of these professional financial terms, the congregation to raise the model to be more literary, small and fresh. From the United States Kickstarter founded intention, to raise the public to raise funds to build model originated in the dream platform for artists. It is also this model in China’s reproduction and development last year, the congregation raised the network to complete the congregation to raise the public, love all the chips, the public to raise the public and other projects.

just, Chinese style public offering is not limited to this, but also gradually evolved into a channel for funds seeking funds to find a way to become more of a commercial model of financing and channel innovation. From a theoretical point of view, the public network to promote social innovation, resource integration are of practical significance.

from public welfare projects to book publishing, film production, and then to news production, almost no field can not all the chips, which also gives the public to raise an important position in the field of Internet banking. This year, with more and more public products have been released, the congregation raised the industry will usher in several major changes.

, a small project all the way

the return of all the chips of a business model as a raise, which investors support the demand for funds to complete the project, when the project is completed and get the corresponding return, this return exists in the form of product project. For example, to raise public network media to launch the project to raise the public happy boys theme movie. When the project is successful, the investor will get a movie ticket as a return on investment.

compared with the mass consumer goods, some small production and sales of products for the market demand, production costs, marketing and other restrictions to market. In the push to raise public mode, this will be a niche product with strong customized color test, the initiator of the project can be put into production, is not good, nor is there any loss, can help the project sponsor to effectively adjust the follow-up strategy.

that is why more and more books, film and television, publishing and other areas of public projects. With the gradual maturity of the business model, and even the military, exploration and other areas of the project may also appear in the congregation to raise the network publishing platform.

here, play a magnifying glass and spotlight the role for the project to raise the public, it can bring not only VC, as well as the products from small to the required level of consumer market resources.

for investors, to raise the public return is not real money, but a kind of value recognition, many participants with more