Another large supermarket closed shop Huarun responded that strategic adjustment

is a large supermarket closed shop! Yesterday, Huarun Changchun million red flag shop door closed, many people come to shop and eat cold-shoulder treatment, "also some time ago to the supermarket, I that the door is closed?" asks the public in front of the shop.

supermarket customers early signs of closing

yesterday morning, at the door of the supermarket, posted the Changchun red flag shop customer book, saying that due to the company’s strategic layout adjustment, decided in November 20th to stop foreign business. Inscribed at the show, the information is released in October 27th, "why a day ahead of time off?" asked the public.

in front of the shop to the customer in the book, the supermarket shopping card, membership card for disposal are given: the customer holding shopping cards, membership cards, all the stores in the northeast area can still continue to use, customers in the store to buy goods later if there is a problem or need customer service service. To the Huarun store for consultation or 10000 lake.

near the shop staff said that for a long time, the supermarket is not much traffic, some time ago, the supermarket will no longer purchase, there have been signs of closing the shop in October 27th, posted a closure notice, "I heard that there should be re decoration, as far as here to do, who do not know." The 18 day of the shop cleaning shop. After Huarun 10000 stores closed in the supermarket in the red flag, only Changchun nanhu.

residents: supermarket has been lukewarm

yesterday morning, some people do not know the supermarket shopping, the supermarket has been lukewarm, many people prefer to go to the red flag street two other large supermarkets." Mr. Zhang said, Hongqi Street shopping district shopping malls, supermarkets, we choice more, Huarun million red flag shop is not convenient, the surrounding businesses more suitable for young people around, "and the other two supermarkets, promotional activities, not far away, but also some more convenient location."

, a nearby residents, said: "this supermarket opened for many years, as if just opened when it is good, people can also."

and the other residents of the supermarket to another person also said: when you can open, but did not really fire up."

analysis: location is not dominant


million red flag store located near Hongqi Street and Tongde Road intersection, here is the old district, love supermarket residents are mostly elderly, low consumption, and from the Huarun store 10000 Hongqi Street within about 1 km, there are two large supermarkets, in addition to the community over a small city, many residents shopping channel.

Changchun a chain supermarkets charge that Huarun million red flag shop in the location of super concentrated district, its geographical position is not dominant, residents purchase habits have been formed, want to attract customers to the supermarket, with a lot of pressure on the operation, and the surrounding super city is relatively concentrated, but also the impact on the formation.

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