Android ecosystem development deformity China will introduce relevant laws and regulations

also defeated Xiao He, Xiao He. As the Android open platform, attracted users, developers, advertising alliance, even SP and CP, are also aimed at this land. But open behind the Android ecosystem may seem huge prosperity but chaos. No clear rules of the industry, no relevant departments to supervise the Android market, APP abuse of authority, unauthorized collection of user privacy, spam messages flooding, malicious plug-ins, etc..

compared with the management of the Internet has been relatively standardized, the mobile Internet industry authorities need to develop rules, then, who should give the mobile Internet license it?

user trouble

unsolicited spam messages and advertising popups

"has several software installed in the front line, after the mobile phone status bar frequently pop-up, and continue to receive various spam messages. This day several advertising popups, even watching QQ news to block the status bar. And how to remove these ads are useless, you must click to watch."

Under the

name for "low-key" users of the "IT times" reporter said, helpless, he decided to use uninstall all murderers, "according to the investigation of the installation sequence an uninstall, finally found piracy is a" bird "after blasting, it landed on the quiet."

and "low-key" is different, as a small Android development engineers, to take a more thorough approach. I now use the revised system, the software installation and use of the process will have the authority to confirm the reminder, I almost chose the ‘no’." Min told reporters, usually in the course of the use, he will be such as network data, text messages, contacts and other permissions to disable all, to avoid being unauthorized access to certain APP.

but like the high-end mobile phone users is only a handful, more ordinary users still helplessly as pop-up ads and spam messages have a headache, at the same time, some malicious APP also more unscrupulous. A Android developer told reporters that some APP even in the lock screen state, call the phone and text messages from the background, the user simply unaware."


ecosystem chaos

: a Macedonian making


advertisers and advertising platform to collect private information, has become the default rules of the industry, the user information is usually handled in two ways. One is the 1 number 1 cents to sell bulk SMS platform and other channels, you can immediately cash; if you do not rush to cash, advertisers and the information platform can do data analysis and push the message, via SMS channel to send advertising user information to achieve more accurate advertising." An anonymous industry insiders told reporters. This argument has also been confirmed by the founder of Android bus chino. And some advertisers told reporters, through SMS channel >