Dry cargo buyers exactly what kind of love the details page

The shop is two

power: internal and external. Strength mainly refers to the internal management of the store, mainly refers to the promotion of external drainage. In fact, the importance between the two, but the strength is certainly based, no promotion strength blindly attracted traffic can only improve the jump loss rate. The influence of internal factors and has a lot of, and share with you today, how to optimize the baby details page.

baby details page directly determines the shop baby or not. Baby details page can not be too simple can not be too specific and complicated. What is the best description of the layout of the page it is generally we can detail the necessary parts of the page is divided into five categories:

1, buyers evaluation details

How to get some

and display sales rave reviews screenshots, more awesome than praise, consumers will consider those shots are not real, so consumers are more willing to believe that consumers, further improve recognition of this product in the evaluation of buyers used in the sense of.

2, detail diagram

close the display of goods highlights a clear display of the details (a close shot), such as type of clothing to show fabric, lining, color, button / zip, walk the line and the characteristics of decorative details, especially the collar, sleeves, waist and hem parts, such as color collocation can be simple to say that the text.

3, product drawing

picture display of goods: product front and back clear map, according to the choice of Guapai or tile characteristics of clothes itself, using the visual icons describing the thickness, permeability, self-cultivation, length, material and other related product information.

4, size chart

others size try to help the user to choose the appropriate size, the unique size of the description of the goods (not all stores generic), model information prominent body parameters, it is recommended to have a try experience (a variety of body).

5, model figure

shows the upper body effect, stimulate impulse buying, the model with the brand positioning, a clear picture (body), show the front and the back and side of the upper body effect (each picture is different to the performance increase the information content of clothing). If there is more than one color, the main push to color, other colors with a few display typesetting line width (you can use collage, reduce meaningless blank).

is more than the buyer in the details of the page to see, and that the details of the page for the baby how to edit the layout we can roughly be divided into the following modules:

1 shop activities introduction;

2 product features display;

3 –

details of goods;

4 activity details or introduction;

5 tips.

the first step: shop activities introduction – collection of prizes to enhance the customer price

for small sellers, a very critical