Jumei com is a vip com or Dangdang

jumei.com submitted to the United States listed in the prospectus of the weekend, and published financial data, as a vertical electric beauty, jumei.com become the next vip.com or dangdang.com future


from the United States and the United States announced financial data can be seen, it will be very similar to their own intentions and vip.com, and the earnings look in many ways even more beautiful than vip.com.

, for example, the proportion of its mobile orders, the United States in 2013, the proportion of mobile terminal sales accounted for up to 49%, while vip.com was $23%, Jingdong’s, Dangdang is 10%. This concept is now in the mobile Internet is now increasing its beautiful degree.

For example, the

re purchase rate, the United States in 2013 of the repeat purchase orders accounted for 88.9% of the total number of orders, this is a staggering figure, compared with the known rate of re purchase of the king of vip.com (73.8%) and high. With the United States and vip.com also flash purchase and sale mode, compared to vip.com, the United States is the seven consecutive quarter of profitability, is the United States will be similar to vip.com that a monster


a shark (micro signal: southsharker) believes that the United States behind the beautiful earnings, it is difficult to cover the fatal hidden in the industry and the positioning of the two aspects, the two curse lingering. Looking to the future, if these two problems can not be resolved, poly America is not only difficult to become vip.com, the future is more likely to become another vertical electricity supplier – dangdang.

first worry is "online shopping cosmetics is fake" curse, the future development will be a severe blow to beauty electricity supplier, which bear the brunt of the impact is pure poly beauty makeup. In March 1, 2013 the United States and Le bee war, let the two vertical electric hot network, however, the two strike violently attack each other but also to all the fake beauty electricity supplier reputation, "online shopping cosmetics is fake" curse begins to haunt the music bee and the United States, a lingering nightmare. The curse is also a direct result of 3.1 this year, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States this year, the.

In fact, this led to

between the fake curse is not the root causes of business battle, but cosmetics manufacturers channel pattern. The first international cosmetics brand channels are offline channels with no basic electricity supplier authorized, which leads to once the user does not trust in the electricity supplier to buy brands and information cosmetics manufacturers, cosmetics manufacturers in order to protect the line channels will declare "we do not sell electricity authority adverse remarks, at the same time, the line of cosmetics the channel will be in order to confuse the public, and flatly users in the electricity supplier to buy goods called" fake". To make matters worse, this pattern is difficult to change in the foreseeable future years. To make matters worse, female users for the United States, in cosmetics on the pursuit of first-line international brands rather than cheap and easy to use domestic brands.

is the second big worries about the "curse vertical die", the United States backed by the lack of background.