One week news review Sina micro blog commercial value bearish Taobao blocked cashback mode

1, Sina micro-blog ecological deterioration to learn only the Taobao

Ali shares

Ali shares and Sina wireless Wang Gaofei replaced Peng Shaobin as the new head of sina micro-blog is rumored to become the focus of recent. On the surface, these two things are good. Ali shares, capital and strategic level positive. Sina micro-blog is not only the lack of money, but also the lack of ability to achieve small and medium customers. Micro-blog is not always a praised product; at this point, Ali and Baidu are the only two small and medium-sized companies have realized the customer experience. Sina over the past ten years too dependent on sales, so that although micro-blog caught such a theory can be the long tail of the meat and potatoes, but still in the implementation of big company disease seriously.

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2, Taobao blocked cashback mode rebate site model met the challenge of

Amoy’s Taobao Alliance announced yesterday that from January 1st next year will no longer support Taobao station Shopping for Refund Taobao off mode, only support the return points, back in kind, return coupons and other non cash rebate mode. This also means that as students rely on cash back rebate website business model will face substantial adjustment.

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3, the Wall Street Journal: YY successful listing of the stock market to regain confidence in

according to the Wall Street journal website reported that social media platform to play YY (ticker symbol YY) on Wednesday officially listed for trading on the Nasdaq stock market, and the market has been warmly welcomed that investors have to seek to regain the United States listed company China faith. More than YY of American Depositary Shares (ADS) listed on the first day of the opening price of $10.50, and the issue price was flat, but the latest transaction price rose to $11.37, or 8.3%.

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