Three sites turned over to pay a fine of 320 thousand unfamiliar street public apology to close the

drawing / Gao Yue

according to the national anti pornography office deployment, in March this year to September in the country to carry out the "anti pornography · net net 2015 special action. So far, has been informed of the two batch of a total of eight cases. Internet dissemination of pornographic information harmful to society, seriously affecting the healthy growth of minors, must be severely punished. Since today, the newspaper launched the net net action · (2015) column, continue to report the progress and effectiveness of net action.

production and dissemination of pornographic information harmful to society, adverse effects. Since the country to carry out net net action 2015, so far has announced the two batch of a total of eight cases, the public exposure of pornographic information dissemination website, impose a fine, and put forward rectification requirements, ordered rectification. Today, the Legal Daily reporters on the investigation of the action of Baidu, unfamiliar street, everyone’s subsequent rectification of the network, interviewed the Beijing cultural law enforcement corps network law enforcement team captain Shen Rui.

Shen Rui introduction, Beijing, according to the law enforcement corps Baidu culture, unfamiliar street, all the illegal situation of the network, were fined 210 thousand yuan, unfamiliar street, $60 thousand, Renren $50 thousand. Of the three sites have been a fine punishment in place, the three sites have been paid fines.

Shen Rui said, Baidu, unfamiliar street, everyone in accordance with the requirements of the network were made rectification. Three sites are according to the requirements of law enforcement, the authorized pornographic keywords join fonts. Law enforcement requirements of pornographic content should be strictly regulated, do not let off any loopholes need to be perfected to improve.

unfamiliar street has been asked to apologize to the public as a whole, which, Shen Rui said, unfamiliar street has apologized to the public letter on the official website.

reporter contacted a street street network public relations department responsible person. The responsible person said, unfamiliar street network punishment very seriously, take the initiative to pay a fine, conducted a comprehensive rectification. Closed pornographic information group, delete the text, pictures, video information containing pornographic content; "wife swap, one night stands, the city about guns" containing pornographic content group was not a stay close.

according to reports, there are a number of micro-blog, dedicated to the production of forwarding pornographic content on the micro-blog, unfamiliar street network without mercy, shall be closed. Special writing, production, forwarding, dissemination of pornographic content owners are cleared. In the future, unfamiliar street will be on a regular basis for all groups to carry out screening, the timely removal of pornography involving pornographic content.

reporter in the unfamiliar street on the street to see a piece of micro-blog, the title is "shoulder to shoulder, to build a clear social space". The paper wrote: the media reported the existence of bad information unfamiliar street platform. Unfamiliar Street company has set up a special clean-up team for the first time, dissolution, closure, closing all the group and account number, and immediately a comprehensive self-examination and rectification, to completely clean up the other possible adverse content."

unfamiliar street, said, in the future, unfamiliar street will be further improved inside >