t never stops the mobile phone patent war who will be killed

from the inside to the outside, mobile phone patent "prairie fire again".

this is a war without smoke, almost all of the world’s mobile phone manufacturers have been involved in the patent war has become the largest proportion of the mobile phone industry.


manufacturers are in the "war", in addition to spare no effort to protect their own "wall", is to curb the development of the friends are in the relevant business "wall", there is a huge amount of war reparations "".

IT has been the "first-class enterprise standards, second-class enterprises to do the brand, three flow of enterprise technology, four flow of enterprise products", which is the core standard for patent dispute.

after a lapse of 8 months, in the Chinese antitrust authorities to Qualcomm fined $6 billion, South Korea’s antitrust authorities also received a penalty of about $5 billion 900 million qualcomm. The reason for the fine is that Qualcomm has a monopoly on the abuse of the market, forcing the mobile phone manufacturers in the sale of chips for some unnecessary patent fees.

of course, this is the game between the interests of governments and international manufacturers, it is also a part of the patent war.

insiders believe that mobile phone patent war or will become the main battlefield of the battle for the mobile phone, there will be more and more mobile phone manufacturers into the field of battle, and ultimately the "winner" will be the best on the ability of parties.

NOKIA VS apple "two round"

NOKIA and apple to double ruo.

why so many "again", because they played before, "said Out of blows friendship grows, but through the enemy is still unknown, continuing to fight.

October 22, 2009, NOKIA company will Apple Corp to the U.S. Delaware federal court, alleged that Apple since 2007 sections of the iPhone mobile phone Internet infringed on 10 of its patents, relates to the technology of wireless data, speech encoding, security and encryption technology are 10 and GSM, UMTS, LAN standards.

December 11, 2009, Apple launched a counterattack, claiming that NOKIA E71, 5310, N900 and other models have violated Apple’s total of 13 patents.

December 29, 2009, NOKIA to the United States International Trade Commission complaint Apple patent infringement, requirements for Apple Corp iPhone mobile phone and other products issued a total ban on the import of orders to suspend and stop the sales order.

January 15, 2010, Apple Corp also complained to the United States International Trade Commission NOKIA patent infringement, the requirements of NOKIA’s products to prohibit import orders.

May 7, 2010, NOKIA sued the Wisconsin Apple Corp and the Federal District Court, claimed that Apple’s iPhone and iPad products against NOKIA five important patents, to improve the language.