P2P net loan lending platform want to run away Juankuan over more than 20 million investors alarm

Legal Evening News April 15th want loans (www.wangwangdai.com.cn) suddenly closed, no one answered the phone call, this is after Fu Xiang ventures, a venture capital element, P2P net loan platform at home and a "run away".

want loan run for more than 2 months. Investors from all over the country, there are college students, enterprise workers, there are civil servants. Investors spontaneously organized alliance statistics show that there are more than and 300 people who have been registered, ranging from a few thousand dollars to one million yuan, the total amount of nearly $20 million.

Legal Evening News reporter statistics found that the domestic P2P net loan platform has about 800, since 2013 has been operating problems, suspected fraud and other issues of the enterprise, has more than 10%.


sequence of events

business license want loan

mysteriously disappeared

the so-called P2P net loan refers to people who have money, through the third party platform matchmaking, there will be funds to lend to borrowers who demand. After a loan demand through the P2P net loan platform audit release, to become a subject of borrowing, the subject of the loan is divided into different types, some of the subject matter does not require collateral loan. Third party net loan platform based on the borrower’s economic situation to determine the amount of loans and interest rates, through intermediary services to get commission profit.

in 2007 this model into China after the rapid development of Internet banking has become an important form of.

reporter learned from the Ministry of industry, Shenzhen Nabaichuan want lending Company limited by guarantee opened, the person in charge Zhang Yanling, reviewed by the time of January 2014.

Nabaichuan Guarantee Corporation was founded in November 21, 2013, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, registered in Shenzhen District of Longgang city streets Henggang pine community Shenhui road 132 No. 504, the legal representative is Zhang Yanling.

such a Guarantee Corporation founded by the P2P net loan platform, industrial and commercial registration, tax registration and website ICP readily available, but instantly from the world evaporated.

had more than 60 Civil Servants Personal deceived about

reporter contacted a number of investors cheated around. Among them, Liu Tao (a pseudonym) has a doctorate, is a civil servant in Beijing. He was concerned that the loan want for the longest time, has invested about 600000 yuan, but did not recover. In the reporter obtained deceived list shows that he cheated the amount of the highest in Beijing.

Liu Tao told reporters that he started to pay attention to want the loan from February this year. He remembered February 10th want loans only the first loan scale, then gradually increased. The subject of the loan period ranging from 1 months to one year, the annual interest rate of between 18%-24%, much higher than the deposit interest rate and financial products yield. After the bid is successful, a bonus of the loan will give investors bidding want money 1%.