Reported that in 2019 the scale of China’s electricity supplier will exceed 1 trillion

sina science and technology news Beijing time on February 5th evening news, research firm Forrester Research today released a report that in 2019 China’s online retail spending will exceed $1 trillion. This is mainly due to the development of mobile applications and logistics networks, e-commerce companies to help win more new users in small cities.

industry insiders said that this is a good news for Alibaba. After the release of the latest quarterly earnings lower than expected earnings, Alibaba shares fell. Some investors worry that the impact of Alibaba investment mobile platform revenue rose.

Forrester Research said in a report, although the Tencent and Jingdong to take cooperation strategy to promote the growth of the business, but the Alibaba’s Tmall mall and will continue to dominate the Chinese e-commerce market.

China in 2013 has become the world’s largest online retail market, with a total sales of $307 billion. Forrester Research expects China’s online retail market in 2014 sales will reach $440 billion, accounting for China’s total retail sales of 9.8%. Moreover, in the next few years, China’s online retail market CAGR will reach 19.9% in 2019 will reach $1 trillion.

industry insiders said, for e-commerce companies, investment in mobile applications is essential, because most Chinese users now use mobile devices to access the internet. Last year, 25% of respondents said that at least through the mobile phone shopping every week, and every day, the use of mobile phone users log on to the shopping site, and even 4% of people log on several times a day.

China’s e-commerce market is currently dominated by two major sites, namely Tmall and Jingdong, the market share of 57% and 21%, respectively. But in the mobile e-commerce market, Alibaba accounted for 85% of the share, while Jingdong is, is $1.6%.

mobile commerce sales growth in China’s major e-commerce companies are more than Amazon and other U.S. counterparts, especially Jingdong. Through cooperation with Tencent, Jingdong became the first integrated WeChat shopping channels. WeChat’s monthly active users was 468 million.

Forrester Research believes that Alibaba can continue to maintain its leading position in China’s e-commerce market. Forrester Research analyst Vanessa · (Vanessa Zeng), said: in the foreseeable future, it is difficult for Alibaba competitors to threaten the dominance of Tmall and Taobao mobile."

report also said that the construction of a stable delivery infrastructure throughout the country, for the future of e-commerce companies is essential. Currently, Alibaba and Jingdong are investing heavily in its logistics network. (Li Ming)