Fangwei Technology Labor Day Fangwei fun with your holiday marketing

say goodbye to the Spring Festival, on the Qingming, it may also want to come. The major shopping malls, shopping sites are ready to wear boxing rattling in the field of holiday marketing in a big, the rare holiday into a universal shopping carnival. As the field of Internet professional technical service provider, Fujian science and technology driven before the holiday period to analyze, how marketing strategy can attract the attention of consumers and wallet, and holiday marketing how to enhance corporate brand, expand sales.


holiday marketing is different from the conventional marketing, more concentrated and have a certain scale, is undoubtedly the golden time of the sale of the business. Fang Wei science and technology suggest that everyone, as long as possible throughout the year to establish contact with the target audience, to avoid the rush before the eve of the development of marketing plans. Don’t try to convince consumers to pay attention to your goods at the last minute. Look long, launch a new unique promotional play at the same time during the holidays, with the development of a long-term social, mobile and digital marketing strategy, which is to maintain the target audience, can establish a relatively strong, honest and reliable customer relationship. The brand image, this kind of war, when the festival comes, other than not ready the competitors, you will get.

second, seize every festival unique connotation, around the meeting point of holiday theme to find their own products, in the promotion of operation will be relatively smooth. For example: the main tone of the children’s Day is "playful, family, love, joy, toy manufacturers, playgrounds, catering and other industries will be very easy to find their own point. While online, the merchant will be launched their 61 Festival theme, and set the corresponding promotion activities, such as online to share their childhood memories can win or enjoy discounts, consumer can draw, Sun family photos contest discount, on-line games for children and so on a small plug-in program award, is a good holiday drainage promotion means.

here, Fangwei technology responsible person stressed that the holiday marketing activities, a short time will cause bursting with popularity, but certainly not impetuous, do not forget every user experience, the design of the best activities ahead of estimates, the carrying capacity of the line storefront where, online website and how to prepare all kinds of prizes. Service ready enough complete etc.. To ensure that customers get a good experience, the best business can make the best use of new stimuli, such as sharing activities, sun single activities, invited activities… In this way, will establish their own more reliable brand image, consumers will have more confidence in the next time you need. Grasp the elements of the holiday, pay attention to brand combination, related products, pay attention to experience, your brand does not worry about no vitality!

third, holiday marketing in addition to the holiday, but also need to have a clear brand theme and ideas. Each product sold by different companies, the main consumer groups are different, in marketing to cover all the people is very difficult. In particular the festival, with more specific target consumers, so the holiday marketing must be targeted. Businesses need to target >