The food and Drug Administration food line shop without a permit for cross border electricity suppli

news August 31st, billion state power network was informed that the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued on the supervision of food related cross-border business enterprise reply.

It is reported that

, the information from the food and Drug Administration of Chongqing city food and Drug Administration of the relevant instructions, reply to the instructions.

documents pointed out that the food business platform to open cross-border electricity supplier online display (experience) shop, but the actual sales of food, do not need to apply for food business license. But the show (experience) store should be in its place of business to set up tips to remind consumers not to sell food at the scene.

also said the food and drug administration, such as the line store sales behavior, we need to handle the "card" business license according to the provisions of the sale of food, food must comply with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations on food safety, food safety standard.


According to

billion state power network to understand, cross-border O2O fiery momentum has been spreading, and the next line store display (experience) is the main form part of the line. According to the relevant provisions of the cross-border electricity providers, cross-border retail imports may not be directly online store sales, so users still need to purchase orders in the online mall, cross-border O2O line stores mainly provides services such as customer service, and try to eat.