Analysis of the current mainstream intelligent dual line technology in China

why is there a problem of North South mutual visits


as a result of China’s current network ISP operators have China Telecom and China Netcom, both have a large number of users. There is a certain age network basically know Southern Telecom, China Netcom North ", in recent years, with the gradual growth of the Netcom Netcom users, the scale is more and more big, in many provinces and cities (Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin, etc.) the user is mainly through the network through access to the Internet; and most users of the Internet by Southern Telecom Access, (now southern Netcom users slowly increased, and the connection between the bandwidth) two big network operators are limited, although both of them are increasing every year interconnection bandwidth, the speed of development of the Internet but still far behind, as a result of both north and South because of Internet users communication bottleneck of Telecom and Netcom, telecom, Netcom Netcom users access server users access telecommunications server is very slow, the general telecommunications users to access the site using the telecommunication line speed Is very fast (Ping data in dozens of MS, and the switch; and between the little) cross network access (Ping data is very slow and there are a lot of stuff in the 200MS above), which leads to a web site operator site for telecommunications or Netcom room, will be lost by the other half of the potential customers if the site is placed in the telecommunications room, it is bound to lose Netcom users; and if the site on the Netcom room, you will lose the telecom users.

so, the interconnection of the telecommunications network in the case of poor quality which can be seen from several aspects, we might as well use a set of measured data to illustrate:

1 file transmission speed: download the file upload to the server Netcom / telecom users, only a few K, or 0.1 K, this I believe many Internet users have the same experience; and telecommunications between file upload / download speed can reach more than 40K

2 Ping delay: General Telecom server between Ping delay is within 40ms (with the provincial network will be faster, such as Foshan Guangzhou Ping server in MS more than and 10); and telecommunications to Netcom Ping delay is about 200ms, and the substitution rate in more than 20%, this is the actual telecommunications network access each other slow root

3 telecommunications Netcom line instability: general Internet peak time (afternoon and evening) the interconnection bottlenecks is very serious, and in the morning and at this time, the number of Internet users is relatively small, not so serious

double line, multi line, small and medium sites to solve the best program of the north and South exchanges. Single card dual IP smart line is said to be the best double line!

since the north and South visits to the site builders and visitors have so many inconveniences, then certainly need to adopt a certain way to solve the current common is the following 3:

1- Telecom Netcom mirror

a web site