Alleged keyword search Google accused of infringement

The reason

Anna Carolina textile is charged during the period from September 2009 to October, Carolina textile promotion on its website in the process of using Google PPC, false propaganda "fuanna products 1 fold, however, when consumers click on the link page, open the electronic commerce website is the website of the Carolina textile, sales is only Luolai the product. Fuanna that Carolina textile infringed its trademark patent, then filed a lawsuit to the Haidian court.

                fuanna accused Roley of textile rogue link

fuanna deputy general manager, deputy general manager Hu Zhenchao said that in September 2009, the company received complaints from consumers, search input "Anna" text field in Google Chinese, search results out of it is "buy fuanna, to LOVO, click on the website, found that the sale of the site is Carolina textile products. The commerce department website and ownership of Carolina textile. Fuanna September 30, 2009, according to the survey found that consumer complaints are true. Therefore, please China fuanna Textile Association to coordinate, then Roley also did cancel the link home for a period of time.

fuanna media public relations manager Luo Lihong said, from the beginning of October 28, 2009, Carolina textile search "Anna" repeat the stock tricks, three words in Google, the search results in the first column of the "Anna, the ninety percent off link was again pointing into the Carolina textile and its subsidiaries business website.


note is submitted to the Beijing Haidian District people’s court in fuanna complaint, the "Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Gu Cheung company ") is listed as the third defendant. And Gu Xiang company is the operator of Google china.

fuanna attorney: irrefutable evidence, Google blame

fuanna lawyer Zhao Lei told reporters, Anna in the complaint list a total of three defendants accused a Roley textile Limited by Share Ltd, legal representative.