On the use of consumer demand for e commerce and profit

with the rapid development of Internet, electronic commerce is becoming more and more explosive growth; never "net" of traditional companies also began to get involved in this industry, in the hope they can promote their own company performance more clear with this e-commerce tide; and for a company to carry out business expansion, e-commerce is a relatively low-cost way, and stronger penetration ability.

is now almost all of the enterprises have began to prepare to do or have in the electronic commerce, and very clear is few; many people go seems to be just a spectator, only standing on the sidelines of the job. Look at some giants with huge capital to hit advertising, drainage, they can only feel powerless and frustrated, that is how sad ah. But then again, not every success in the field of electronic commerce are large companies, on the contrary there are some strength is not particularly strong in small and medium-sized enterprises also achieved success, even many large enterprises have been playing e-commerce covered all over with cuts and bruises.

I remember myself before

said many personality little products help companies producing these products do small e-commerce success, but today I’ll tell you briefly talk about the use of electronic commerce chain of consumer demand and profit. Maybe this way the future is a model of a lot of people to follow, perhaps no one to execute so can no echo.

I believe that everyone has been to the supermarket, of course, also bought something inside. In fact, almost all of the layout of the supermarket are exactly the same, but the general layout is more in line with the needs of people. But you may find some goods to the region is not reasonable; I like to buy a toothbrush, normally buy a box of toothpaste; originally the two goods are to be put together, so that consumers may be the most satisfactory, is most consistent with their needs. But most of the time the mall is often a little pit, this time the mall deliberately put these two commodities are not placed in a place, but the interval placed. We may think that the supermarket is not a problem, but in fact this kind of layout for consumers is not perfect, but in fact it is a strategy for the store, he is that we will buy the two items at the same time, so deliberately separate them, we expect to increase the residence time in the supermarket, so we you may choose another we had no plans to buy goods in the choice between these two kinds of goods. We can think, in fact we often come out from the supermarket and to blame, because we didn’t plan to buy some in advance within the goods, so that their own expense; in fact many of them are due to that goods mentioned above lead to the layout.

in fact, e-commerce is also the same as the supermarket sales of goods mentioned above, for example, when we buy things on Taobao will also appear similar situation. For example, we are ready to go to Taobao Amoy a dress, the result of a store in a dress, contact customer service consulting, customer service is a piece of clothing with a strong recommendation of the pants, and very