Retired hammer CTO before money morning again but this time instead of mobile phone

the company’s new product is an intelligent terminal for video calls.

retirement before the hammer CTO money morning.

long appearance money morning finally coming out, but this is not a mobile phone manufacturers on behalf of him.

November 1st, Beijing Digital Home Technology Co., Ltd. released a new round of Pro H1". This is a video service for the design of the scene, hoping to develop a better video call experience intelligent products.

at the press conference, Qian Chen as the company’s vice president introduced some of the features of the new product. This is his first public appearance since July due to personal reasons to leave the hammer technology.

compared to other video phone products, "saw H1" with a video call, clear picture quality, light adaptive 150° ultra wide field of view, free video zoom and other functions, and is equipped with a radio system and professional audio processing chip professional, to amplify the voice, eliminate noise and reverberation.

In addition to Wi-Fi

network, pro H1 also supports the operator network, the ability to use VoLTE voice function for mobile communications, to ensure high-quality video calls. Pro Pro H1 will be 1980 yuan in the price of Tmall’s dual starting eleven.

After the

conference, Qian Chen received an interview with the news and other media outlets. During the interview, he talked about the need to join the new smart Hard Suits Inc, rather than return to the mobile phone industry.

"how do you understand ‘retirement’. For me to pick something that doesn’t make you feel tired, and makes you feel relaxed." Qian Chen said with a smile, if you choose a mobile phone company must be interpreted as "false media retirement", and choose another category of the company to provide a new challenge, that he "in addition to mobile phone can also do something else".

"new challenges, new excitement, can give you a fun, naturally not tired." Qian Chen said.

In addition,

left the mobile phone industry because he was disappointed in the mobile phone industry.

Qian Chen believes that before the iPhone came out of the mobile phone industry has entered an era of innovation, the emergence of iPhone for the industry to develop new ideas, followed by the emergence of Android has become another contributing factor.

"if there is no Android, Chinese which mobile phone manufacturers dare to challenge apple?" money morning that there is a "two level mobile phone manufacturing technology" and "road", Chinese do mobile phone operating system, it will only do the above "technique".

he is now not very much like the mobile phone industry, because the focus is not to do the product of mobile phone manufacturers, more companies focus on the creation of business models, and the lack of the real creation of mobile technology.

millet is like this, OPPO, vivo is also. All mobile phone manufacturers boast of all the ability to grasp for