The introduction of 6 Foreign Social travel web site emphasizes equal sharing among friends

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probably because of the origin of sociology, I always like to consider business issues from a cultural and human perspective. The operation mode of tourism website is matched with the travel culture and travel concept of a society. Travel, especially outbound tourism has been very mature in western countries, high popularity, and whether it is economic, visa, holidays, or mentality more easily, they travel very casual and random, the saying goes.

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in Europe for most of the trip in the young people, do not know where will the next station, even where will it go tomorrow, not to mention the trouble of the Raiders do; at the same time because of the popularity of travel, most materials can be shared between friends, there is seldom inside a circle of friends, one or two everywhere to play, most are due to various restrictions no opportunity situation. This is the current status of China, long-distance travel enthusiasts or part of the world, tourism forum is also in accordance with this mode of operation: by a small group of opinion leaders led us to see the world, most people are in the position of the crowd.

today sorted out some of the more foreign social tourism sites (Social Travel Site). In fact, the social tourism domestic tourism enthusiasts is still relatively new, currently just out of the grunts, everybody windmill net. The current mainstream Tourism Forum, such as @ @ poor travel network ant cellular travel Raiders @ @ Rucksack Inn all over Europe or to travel Master as the center, as a carrier in the form of a strategy operation, their socialization is mainly reflected in the use of micro-blog. A number of foreign social travel sites, such as Trippy, Gogobot will be a real circle of friends into the travel plan, emphasizing the equal sharing between friends.

Tripatini: consulting travel expert


Tripatini was once described as the "New York post" traveler’s Facebook".

One of the highlights of the site,

, is to get travelers and travel experts together. These experts include travel journalists, advertising agents, agents, product suppliers and other local travel experts. In accordance with the website slogan – "travelers and travel experts on social networking sites, Tripatini members can communicate and interact with the tourism industry veteran, to provide valuable resources for practical information for travelers.

Trippy – Friends source Friend Sourcing


Trippy mode

there are a lot of travel websites at home and abroad to help people design travel routes or recommend travel sites, these guides and recommendations are derived from the Internet and strange