The shop customer service two shifts the highest monthly income of tens of thousands

Metropolis Daily News reporter Nie Lijuan, Li

as long as there are people who have experienced online shopping, online shopping will not feel strange, they are a pro, the introduction of product performance, to guide the buyer orders.

but some people do not know, in fact, many customer service is not shop owner, and even do not know the owner. Shop size, the need for a large number of online customer service, online customer service companies came into being. The company signed a contract, its customer service staff for a specific online service.

20 year old Wang Kemeng is a member of the network of customer service, one year of work experience, has made this study e-commerce professional girl fell in love with this career.

customer shifts earning thousands yuan

"this set of cosmetics gifts?" "how the money hit the Alipay account?" "this can ware package mail?"

sitting in front of the computer, 20 year old network customer service Wang Kemeng, every day to receive thousands of such information, she must be the fastest speed for the patient to answer the patient.

her occupation is the network customer service, called "network waiter", want to through chat software, real-time communication with buyers.

"our job is to answer the questions of buyers, through the introduction of our products, to guide buyers to buy our products." Wang Kemeng said with a smile, the customer is God, is a network with a group of unknown gods in dealing with.

Wang Kemeng home in Xianning, working for a year, she said her love with the people, far apart from each other can make both sides have never become friends in the network of new occupation. In her company, the network customer service staff to work every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or from 5 pm to 11 pm, two shifts. Their monthly salary of not less than 4000 yuan, if the performance of outstanding management, monthly salary of up to ten thousand yuan.

The affinity of

is their killer

yesterday morning, the reporter in Wuchang District, 6 Jingan Road, No. 5.5 Creative Industrial Park met Wang Kemeng and her colleagues (Figure).

in the thousands of square meters of office space, there are more than 50 online customer service staff, they serve different shops, buyers across the country to accept advice.

Liu Lu, head of the company, the network customer service is a new career with the rise of online shopping. Different from the traditional sales staff, they not only need to have the knowledge of products and familiarity, but also can operate computer skillfully, use chat tools, they generally require typing speed of 60 words per minute or more, but also familiar with the online shopping process and trading rules, the most crucial point, have affinity, let buyers trust you. "Smiles can also be delivered over the internet." Wang Kemeng said, although not meet each other, customer service is always only a few words, but buyers can feel the mood. So she always holds