The new algorithm will love Shanghai subversive change You are the master hidden

I think the love Shanghai new algorithm will be very focused on the content, will be before the "content is king" upgrade version, search engines have become more and more intelligent, you know the contents of the user and the search engine on the web more attention, high quality website content to attract search engine. But you have to note that not all belong to the original content is high quality content, this algorithm updates the value is not the original, but this article you can meet the audience, and the information is rich, the secondary demand extends out is enough to meet the search engine requirements, there is the timeliness of the content, that is you this article will give much help, more easily reproduced and user communication, enough to form heat both public topic, this should be in love with Hisense As reflected, love the good reputation of Shanghai should be in this algorithm on a good tool for identifying content requirements.


user experience may be more stringent in the new algorithm, love Shanghai products in Shanghai and Shanghai the credibility of love love search speed, these are going from the user’s point of view, these did not appear when the user experience and is enough to make many webmaster nieyibahan, combined with the recent situation in Shanghai all sorts of love then, the user experience is the most important in this algorithm will, so your site again good also by the user to say, what you say is not love, Shanghai also said.

as the Shanghai dragon Er does is to make it to love Shanghai every step to reference and speculation, so that we can do a good job for the next best, or let up, then suddenly I am afraid a lot of webmaster and novice will not accept, then this strawberry square dance network the author make a detailed analysis.! everyone has the right to do not Tucao analysis.


analysis: content is not truly reflect the quality of the original.

has a lot of people in Shanghai love the new algorithm is how recently, love Shanghai in a large number of grasping analysis work, so far still continues, I think that many webmasters are aware of, love Shanghai just across the last radiance of the setting sun, in January 1995 a day to hang out, many webmaster, many people think it is not enough to use the server? In such a situation? One thirty on don’t come? Or to prepare the new algorithm? Speculation, now known as the guess that everyone can enjoy the speech, really let the novice webmaster always on tenterhooks ah, afraid of their own efforts to optimize the website once returned to liberation, here the author suggests that is not necessary to pay too much attention to this, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er think the new algorithm will " subversion Change " love Shanghai recently, continue to launch new products, with the increasing competition, I think the subversive love Shanghai algorithm change, should not boast love Shanghai! But that is a guess, we still do please look forward to

analysis of two: the user decides your site "crime and punishment"