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Shanghai dragon WHY home mainly to the several modules: recommended today, readers recommend, week recommended ranking, latest submission, month recommended ranking, basic course, the latest recruitment. The main content is displayed on the WHY Shanghai dragon columnist of the original article. The stone also saw many webmaster network writers column, this is a very good model. For the website with original content and stable injection for writers and soft contribute to get good quality of the chain, it is mutual benefit fee.

Explanation: WHY Shanghai Dragon



Shanghai dragon WHY has the following: search column, industry information, community forums, tutorial, Cardiff Institute, Shanghai dragon pool, the search column, industry information, community forums, tutorial with the format of the catalog, Cardiff Institute, Shanghai dragon pool with two the domain name on the Internet, the website should use the directory or two level domain name controvercial. The general view is: large website and content is not related with the two level domain name, small sites, such as enterprise website in the form of the directory. What about the two level domain name and directory, you can go to love Shanghai.

, only the teacher almost Wurenbuxiao, the words Shanghai dragon has been steadily in love before the Shanghai three, only the teacher had talked about Shanghai dragon WHY Shanghai dragon mode: CMS+BBS+BLOG. This golden collocation has been many websites to imitate, but can surpass Shanghai dragon WHY scanty, stone today will take you simple analysis of Shanghai dragon WHY the Shanghai dragon pattern, and then discuss how to better play the advantages of this mode. Is clumsy, I experienced a friend pointed out that. Take a look at the Shanghai dragon WHY navigation layout:

Shanghai dragon WHY founder

finally to see Shanghai dragon WHY Forum:





The main navigation

Shanghai dragon WHY forum now there are still many people posting, but to be honest. Stone forum now feel lack of quality content, in fact more than Shanghai dragon WHY forum, many webmaster forums are large. For example, A5, Chinaz forum, the original dry cargo is less and less, more is the chain or post irrigation. The main forum is popular, but not many people are willing to share their experience. The above is a brief introduction to the Shanghai dragon stone WHY page layout, so how to make better use of the Shanghai dragon pattern? Stone thought it according to the specific needs and specific analysis.

then look at the front page design: