How to let the novice webmaster website traffic to fly

The main purpose of

second: website space to fly. No matter what the webmaster said, want to talk about the issue of space, website promotion process some time ago to write the webmaster most afraid of what, also said the issue of space. The line began to worry about whether the awesome space from the site of a space, really so important? Of course, web space do not fly, open speed slow, "could not be loaded, such sites, traffic can have a high, let alone the search engine can not come, is the normal users will not go you mind waiting for a website loading, such website bounce rate is very high, in order to reduce the site bounce rate, increase website traffic, space should be from the beginning to solve. Choose a good IDC, ixwebhosting as independent IP, free trial for a month, so it is possible to host your web site traffic to fly.

website promotion is to let more people know, this is a brand promotion methods, now many traditional enterprises have begun site operations of the road, the road to the webmaster is not very simple, site of the most important goal is to make web traffic to fly, the owners how to make web traffic fly? We can from the following aspects.

: the first web content to fly. We don’t stand in the search engine optimization point of view that the content of the website now, users come to your website, simply because he wanted to go to school from your site to something, then the content of the website has become an important resource to retain customers. The website to write what kind of content, it depends on the location of your web site, your customers are those you want to give your customers what your customers want to get what things from you, such a thought, the content of the web site you will have. The content of the website users to fly, and naturally many, this traffic will basically is from search engines, website traffic will be stable so, so in order to site traffic can fly, the first to seize the construction of website.

again: website sharing to fly. The development of micro-blog and community website, also contributed to the promotion of the website progress. Now many websites have launched their own share button, button function is the content on the website to share community website, social media platform, can let more people see you, see your product, this to give you both publicity products, but also to your site bring flow. Visit the community website is great, you share something interesting to others, certainly will look back on your blog, this brings the flow is also very objective. Some time ago love Shanghai also launched a share button, you need to invite code, Kedeng blogger will not use, but bloggers are now using the share button is also very good, with analysis of background data, so you can see the site traffic sources, and their share of things are viewed by others, so more the convenience of their own website traffic management. What kind of website platform to bring more traffic, I >