How to do web site optimization and immediately modify at any time

for an ordinary site, the wrong will change factors on the site’s ranking is very large, a very simple example if your site Links has reached 30, but you belong to the natural exchange link does not exceed 10, and the search engine through its detection your cheating, this time you haven’t changed so what, from the web site after the operations, should find their own problems in the immediate rectification, rather than wait for that search engine.

level of website optimization, many webmaster will find a look back have done a website or optimize the website ranking is gone, the external factors of the site which admittedly, but from the comprehensive factors of website optimization work, webmaster also affected the ultimate discovery site.

no matter how your web site, web search engine is also the most concerned about the Links website, if your website is a literary website, the 90% links are the government website, can love Shanghai search engine will believe? For this kind of behavior may be the biggest is facing love Shanghai hair therefore, for a web site for the Links is not only stable, more important is to treat, and the link is the best link if you can maintain a certain correlation with the site, as a webmaster should regularly check the integrity of the site Links, found to have been down right hair friendship link the immediate rectification clearance, only in this way can guarantee the stable website.

Links is the search engine on the web to pull out hair root

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internal link inspection, found dead immediately clean up


anchor text point to the home page is 90% of all love to do, these sources of anchor text may be the major forum and community network, there may be a number of blog sites, here I suggest you Adsense: if your anchor text pointing in two weeks for your website to bring better rankings so, it is best to gradually withdraw the anchor text link, since love Shanghai does not recognize why always do so? Anchor text links also have a degree of control, and not on the web page to the more the better, the anchor text should also be reasonable to pages within the website to >

for a web site, the composition of the internal links is very large for the influence of the website, can clearly tell you, is the focus of the search engine to check the internal links, because the internal link is the key of the user experience, if users want to visit a web site in a web page is found is this kind of behavior is dead links, will not cause bad influence on the website? So a website must be internal links regularly to check the website, found a dead link situation should be promptly removed, the only way to ensure that the site’s ranking work.

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gradually reduce the anchor text pointing directly to the home page