n the website optimization process keyword analysis is crucial

index analysisKeywords



if the target keyword in the search, the largest number of the most popular words, think the word will be the search engine at the top, for our webmaster, no human resources support and strong, must be very difficult, and even can be said to be impossible. Keywords analysis is needed to find the search times relatively more, also don’t choose too popular keywords, which not only effectively reduce the difficulty of optimization, effective on site optimization work in a cycle can also get better achievement budget. Usually that keyword in the search engine results in 300 thousand is considered to be the winner, 300 thousand between -100 million is considered to be moderate, 1 million between -300 million is considered relatively frequent, more than 3 million are considered to be a hot word. (the above data for reference only)

usually words about the business will do promotion in the search engine, general advertiser and advertising staff must have done a detailed analysis of the degree of competition and profit analysis, keyword only have effect on the company’s earnings, they will choose to promote. Under normal circumstances, the auction page is the keywords with development prospects are less than 5, are the key words can be selected. It also illustrates the site relative is not too much, the competition is not too difficult.

four: the competition analysis of

analysis of bidding website

in the era of science and technology, the Internet rapid development trend, the industry has a profound understanding of the importance of network marketing for enterprise development. With the development of network marketing competition is growing, the Shanghai dragon worker, will also mean that Shanghai Longfeng workload increasing. Website optimization keywords positioning, competitiveness analysis of key words reasonable, if a website optimization, keyword analysis over competition, directly to a field of work hastily, usually only appear you think key words very well done Shanghai love the home page or the first but not what keywords flow or maybe you want to do too hot, with tremendous effort can also do not go up, resulting in vain. So the key words analysis of pre conditions must consider whether they have the ability to do it, this is the need for a test of the ability to analyze Shanghai dragon.

: a hot degree analysis

after love Shanghai index query data, can reflect the words in the past 30 days the user’s attention. People think it is necessary to analysis the numerical reference, if the word has been rising in a certain period of time curve, it can be said that the word is for choice. On the contrary, if the rise of the word curve is close to the top, it is that needs careful consideration. Of course, when there are two similar words, adding love Shanghai index content compared to select good words for good data.