The increase of the chain suddenly influence on the weights of the website


chain is not a day for two days, but after long-term accumulation, so the chain will not appear to move against the website, so as to improve the weight of the role, instead of reducing weight, short time site outside the chain suddenly increased, the site is not good, we can two examples I have a reference, these two are true. The stationmaster itself should have a long-term plan, if you want to rise by short-term rapid chain, so the trouble is sure to get you out of step. Follow the steady rise, on their website on the weight of foreign chain will be on the ranking of some benefits.

finally, I once again with their suffering suggest the webmaster, the influence of the chain site for the weight of the website not only so little, I was lucky not to be K station, just down right, if the site outside the chain increase suddenly caused by K, then a direct declaration of all.


, jump the chain number of thousands, so the weight of the jump to jump. The increase for the chain, suddenly this nature, the weight will also affected. Most of the time, most of the weight of high and low are instability caused by the increase in the chain. A web site may not indicate what problem, then I use a web site to actual combat. Figure

We can see from the above

this is a very good description. Site outside the chain of super jump, jumped from ten thousand to fifty thousand, the natural weight is reduced, if you think this is not possible, so I can only say, you can own real, because it is the author’s personal experience, increase the jumping site outside the chain, the author is suffering the. Hard to do and then an unexpected 4 weight put so all my efforts were in vain. So, the stability of the chain increased, the author suggests that in the pursuit of a large number of owners, the chain at the same time, should grasp the chain number every day, so that it will not be dragged down to the site outside the chain weight. We all know that the weight of high ranking is good, and the weight of this jump, natural ranking also jumped. Especially for the new station, the site itself is not what weight, if the new one up on the chain into large, then it is easy to enter into the legend of the assessment period.

general webmaster will pursue the site outside the chain the more the better, I think so, but after a bloody lesson, I think the chain or a steady increase of good. For sites outside the chain, every day to the webmaster have hair, hair everywhere, there is no increase in the number of counted every day? When love Shanghai big update, the chain number is certainly greatly jump, this jump is for the weight of the website did not improve, but also reduce weight. Today I talk about this problem with an example, the author of a web site outside the chain suddenly increased. Lead to the weight of the website also decrease, first thought is not the problem of the chain, in fact, I was wrong. The chain is one of the important factors affecting the weight. Figure