My picture was a week experience station included nearly half of the love of Shanghai

picture in picture stand ready to stand before heard is not good to do, included more difficult. Because before this, I had several other text stations included is very general, traffic is not, do not look at what it did not take long, hope to put it to the world. So the picture is also try with the idea of a play.

I do a photo station, on a small scale, at present only a total of more than 100 articles, launched in June 3rd, five, included the more than 20 pages, eight to sixty pages, included much faster than I used to do those non picture stand, ALEXA also ranked from the beginning of the about sixteen million to today (12 The about one million and nine hundred thousand day). The following specific talk about some of my experience.

the reason, I think the main or original.

I used a template, buy from Taobao dedecms, it is also this year I was in contact with, and can only use simple modifications, this template is relatively simple, only the home page, list page, the article page of the three layer, the page template is used in image collection. At first in the machine state issued 100 articles, with a night time online (FTP upload so slow, depressed, and then check included) when found is the old name, was very worried, even if the love Shanghai punishment, not for a long time has included the miserably. After one or two days of inactivity, I was in a hurry, then to two the chain in 5, one is in soewhy, another is to use my name as a site called Ni registered a Sohu micro-blog, sent two articles, and then to Shanghai Post Bar made love micro-blog’s Web site, the result is really effective, on the same day to see the love of Shanghai included the website homepage, to check the night had included twenty pages. I stand before those who seem to be not so fast.

is the first choice of the domain name. Now many beauty picture stand, the station did not say first, said comprehensive picture of the other station, I feel a problem is very full, but the accuracy is not enough, and now people are very busy, optional site a lot, what to spend a lot of time in look at those ordinary picture station so, my position is a collection of some of the more cattle B, tough, funny pictures, the general picture not, after much deliberation, the final site name as "ox", check the domain name, the Internet has two call cattle net, but their domain name is the Pinyin and English mix the one is oxpic, another name is niupic, remember to read an article, like love Shanghai prefer Pinyin, but Niutu has been registered, so I simply take the domain name niutuwang, was also not too concerned about it Registered, found and check included later in the chain, the domain name in early 2006 has been registered, but this year has just expired, included is 0, but four of the chain, I was shocked, do not know it included for 0 reasons, do not know whether love is the punishment of Shanghai.