Why website weight decreased

love Shanghai products impact: love Shanghai search engine, which will give a high weight to their products, for example, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai encyclopedia, because of love and love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai library audit strictly, and the number of restrictions, so the general impact on the products of Shanghai love love Shanghai know. The owners love Shanghai know, do a lot of keyword related questions, so that this information has some weight, it will also make the decline of the weights of the website. Love Shanghai know actually influence weight, and classification of information content and influence of this effect almost, the weight is a short period of time, it will decrease with time, because this is not a fixed update page, however, in the love of Shanghai products, fell in love with the sea > Paste

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love Shanghai effects of renewal: a week will have a major update, and within a week, sometimes not regularly appear small fluctuations, this is not generally a regular update belongs to love Shanghai new algorithm test before and after the update, change will appear website keyword weight, the effect of different sites are different. If the change in the normal update time, generally through the website of the data can be analyzed to change, if it is adjusted in update time is not normal in it, so we need to observe some sites, when a certain algorithm is integrated into all kinds of negative influence, and sometimes will be restored at a short period of time. The first two pages are all known information, also see website keyword weight within four or five hours of repeated jump phenomenon, because these are caused by the instability of the update, especially the new algorithm is integrated into the technology, perfect.



Links effect: Links can be said to be the most easily influence the weights of the website, the website in order to obtain the good weight to exchange about thirty Links, while for a railway station, the Links is often not high quality links, is prone to problems, once the Links website: don’t open, right down, K and other phenomena, will certainly affect the master, this reaction to the site, the general order of "domain" is not in the first place, if in second, whether it is right to be reduced, you need to combine keyword weights conclusion. Along with the "domain" is not a normal weight, there will be a large area of decline, the first is the long tail, the next step is to target keywords, more serious will affect the site included reducing. Which is usually affected by the result, a large area of the keyword directly can not find.

do a lot of optimization know, the weight of the website is constantly changing. A corporate website is a good weight, it will bring benefits is not the same, business opportunities will be more. So the website weight is how change, the website weight will decline to? Here today to share some experience:

website weight decreased