Keywords competition degree analysis

1. we most Adsense optimization keywords are commercial keywords, then we can see a comparison with reference data: your target keywords love Shanghai auction number. LED advertising vehicle as an example, seems on the surface, this car LED advertising keywords love Shanghai index is about 150, if the love Shanghai index standard to judge the key competition of words, then this is the popular keywords, but when you love Shanghai led search advertising car of the word in the first. Screen your web page, the earth is full of love for Shanghai LED advertising vehicle, I don’t know if you see this will happen if LED advertising vehicle is a popular word, there will be so many people to participate in the competition? The love Shanghai auction business is not a fool, but we all know that love Shanghai bidding cost is relatively high, if you see a lot of keyword bidding, then most likely the industry of Shanghai dragon competition is very powerful, do not believe you can love Shanghai search "LED car", you only see the top 10 websites, there does not appear in the page can be. If there is a page ranking (not a large site. Only in the small site for the), we can determine the industry keywords competition is not, at least not belongs to the popular words.

two, since the method above is one-sided, so I analysis method is to introduce what is relatively comprehensive.

keyword competition is a very interesting topic, because we thought the conventional competition is often through love love Shanghai Shanghai index and related results to judge, and the judge method we are often one-sided. Even if it is not correct, so today I come with you to analyze the keywords competition degree from another point of view, after reading this article, let you witness what is not the same as the Shanghai dragon.


, one must first prove through love love Shanghai Shanghai index and related results to judge is one-sided. But we all believe that a key love Shanghai index is higher, so the degree of competition in the word is higher, the more difficult it is to do Shanghai dragon, is it really? Then we give an example to illustrate this problem. We love Shanghai and search for "L", then we will see the following data: love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 100000000, we all know that the morning big numerical love Shanghai relevant search results for 1 hundred million, it is related to your search results regardless of how high, more than one hundred million, shows only one hundred million, then everyone the judgment of "the degree of competition in L" the words high? And 24 English letters, you enter any one of them, the result is reached the limit, but in fact this competitive keywords is not too big. And you look at these letters of love Shanghai index is more than 1000, after watching this, you still believe in love, love of Shanghai through the Shanghai index related results to determine the relevant search results is correct?