On three may 628 love Shanghai event and its measures

speculated that the two love Shanghai algorithm, pay more attention to the user experience and interactive website

is the user experience this thing is difficult to use a standard that the search engine will be more difficult to judge, but the love of Shanghai has a sufficient number of data to analyze and prove that a website user experience is good enough, one of the typical sign is the site of the viscous, is we the bounce rate.


: according to the recent love Shanghai with an open attitude to release a series of tools and guidelines for Adsense website optimization. This includes "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 1" to the earlier 2, Shanghai launched the love of statistical tools, and this month love Shanghai launched a series of love Adsense management tools and information to help Shanghai Webmaster Platform under the Shanghai love Share button etc.. From this very love Shanghai official information and tools can be found in many of the details, one of the largest number of emphasizing a word is "is useful to the user, a clear signal that is the so-called love Shanghai website to the user experience to do good.

experienced love Shanghai 622 and 628 after the event, the webmaster forum is a "sound", but many webmaster website be punished rather baffling don’t know why, where second-hand forklift! A station maintenance the customer’s business also suffered punishment at the same time. Analysis of a number of K sites, the K found that its performance characteristics are:

all night

solution: do not worry too much, love Shanghai completely after the update will return to normal.

The feasibility of

K is the website after the number included in the single digits fluctuated between

this is a saying there are many webmaster support, because in the past love Shanghai big update, this phenomenon also occurs, as the typical characteristics of love Shanghai update day, a large number of website ranking disappear, the site included a large number of reduced or disappeared, but it usually lasts for one or two days will gradually restore the rankings and included quantity, until full recovery.

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website ranking disappear overnightThe

At the same time

characteristics of these sites were analyzed, speculated that the following three possible reasons:

site included a number of

According to

: from the K station features found to be punished website have included the phenomenon. There are also a number of sites included the number but showed a trend of gradual recovery in 29 days.

loves Shanghai is how to calculate the user experience is good? The user bounce rate as an example, the love of Shanghai has included the very many sites, as long as there are users.

website home page is deleted from

a, love Shanghai database updating incomplete