Shanghai Longfeng data analysis skill three analysis of the quality of the website chain

Web links to be effective, you need is not only effective in the page (at some sites will jump on external URL or written rules are prohibited weight), also need this chain "is included, and we can be as much as possible the release of links in the chain resources website weight these links, will soon be collected, and attract the spider to crawl the web information, enhance the website weight. So when choosing the chain resources we need to collect and analyze the weight of the site, analysis of the weight of the chain in the module, analysis of the ratio of chain included. And a little worth we talked about is a summary of individual chain included the proportion and a law think is necessary, some sites outside the chain of hair is not up, included within one day, this is certainly the quality of the chain, some need to accept every few days.

many people may wonder, the number of the chain has what good analysis, in addition to the number of the chain is not what can be analysed, if you for the website understanding that this chain is only for the Shanghai dragon know too shallow. The number of the chain includes many aspects, contrast is the most intuitive and competitors, look at the surface, the chain of competitors more than us, so we have to think of ways more than him, he can first analysis the chain site growth law, this we need to observe a period of time or the use of rough query about the history of the chain webmaster tools to make a reference, and then formulate corresponding plans to catch up. Of course, this you must have to consider, but on the other hand, might not have considered, such as the number of the chain of different site URL links, and we do what different analysis of the URL, and how much to the site, which can make a quantitative analysis of subdivision point of our chain, we can divergent thinking, specific I will not speak.

the construction of the chain every day we pay more attention to the possible number of resources and a little deeper consideration, we will pay attention to the weight of the chain and included, also have some friends in the chain widely degree, correlation and the chain of diversity, these are the need to pay attention to in the construction of the chain, here. I give you to the health of the chain of this one, through the analysis of these aspects of the quality of the chain website, I hope to help you better develop Shanghai dragon chain strategy.

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Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon data analysis techniques, the front for everyone talked about the keyword ranking analysis, content analysis of two parts, the chain construction site in Shanghai Longfeng process is very important, I believe this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends are very important, but also do their own site outside the chain in an effort but to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng chain in addition to know how to do the construction of the chain, but also on the quality of the chain, and real-time feedback to adjust their strategies to make Shanghai Longfeng, website to get more weight support in the external links.

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2, the weight of the chain and included