Speaking from the big change in July to love Shanghai

from Tomb-sweeping Day when big change, love Shanghai a few months this change is moderate. But in late July had a relatively large change, just last week, the day should be the last month 24~25 day. Because of love of Shanghai has not change a standard, and never announced the change of the content, so the webmaster and ER are only from the Shanghai dragon website daily data and ranking changes to judge.

there is a problem with many to seek answers to the webmaster nets webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, Xiao Bian found the problem also to the webmaster nets to see you have not encountered such a problem, there is no solution. Especially the submission and approval of others, that the authority of the relatively large number of. But when he often contribute and gradually become some stationmaster net "regulars", Xiao Bian will never for any article of the view of overall recognition. Because you know where the level of their own, because that is all speculation and subjective recognition of individuals, and the situation of each site is different, even personal experience are likely to be wrong, the most.

last week that love Shanghai change is mainly of a collection of adjustment algorithm. Because small usually for small change indicators and website data is not too much attention, so this is due to the change of recorded data is too large to begin to pay attention. But gradually, in fact, love Shanghai before every change are all together before. That is to say, every major change to love Shanghai, you can find some traces in the early.

The content of small Although

said a small encountered situation. In a small series of website as an example, in the last week before the record is more than 600, the concrete is probably around 630~650, but last week began to turn around 540 (data may be < less than 10 of the variance), but Thursday when found, included only 345! Less than the original nearly twice! A little alarmed, but using a variety of data analysis at. The following investigation found that some of the original article published in 2012 and 2010 are not included.

long ago love Shanghai has launched the original spark program, but small series has been no more to pay attention to research, for small series, no matter how real love in Shanghai, the original and the chain in the chain are the same, this time, if the small didn’t guess wrong. Love Shanghai should be on the original spark program upgrade algorithm. But let the person is, when a small series of articles are original, why not included is not included? Compare now writing and writing before the article, written before the article length is generally relatively short, probably in the 800~100 word, was also suspected to be the length of the problem. But later found that even the relatively long length of the article was cancelled by. It found that love of Shanghai’s original spark program probably another universe.