Taobao guest in an invincible position is to give up the Shanghai dragon magic

, only the user experience is the only true

can turn from a guest into a host in an invincible position sputtering

old people know the importance of Shanghai dragon has been, in the webmaster heart form a dependency on the Shanghai dragon, even think Shanghai dragon is everything, to flow, to be included, snapshots, weight would need the Shanghai dragon, but this year the 6.28 fell in love with the sea wind, the amount of the webmaster heart want to rely on check Shanghai dragon sense. The Shanghai dragon has always been universal, suddenly became the culprit massacre site. A lot of master Shanghai Longfeng sites have pulled the hair, on the contrary, many of the grassroots webmaster Shanghai Longfeng utterly ignorant of the website development is good. Let liberty through the analysis conclusion, only to give up Shanghai Longfeng Amoy website can be in an invincible position, there are three reasons as follows, hope veterans who express different views, let us go forward in exploration.

, the two major search standards, constantly changing, it is difficult to achieve comprehensive


it hard to please the search, compromises Shanghai Longfeng, rather than completely self-centered turn from a guest into a host, to the user experience, for the purpose of stately combat. As long as we do with.

for a long time, people on the construction site there is a bias, resulting in most owners are simply, that there are a lot of garbage station. The reason is the webmaster website development way in order to seek a long-term effective, too much emphasis on the role and exaggerated Shanghai Longfeng, misleading people to deviate from the true meaning of the only user experience of website construction.

focus on user experience is better than the best of Shanghai dragon, that is to say, a website with good user experience, users love, then the Shanghai dragon is no problem, the search will love. Otherwise, the need to meet the search site, do not have a good user experience, in other words, the user experience of the website is the only test site.

we all know, Shanghai dragon that is to search and search how to love Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon hate what search, put an end to what? To win the search of love, get good rankings and included, so as to get traffic. However, we all know that search is a love not the world, Shanghai, Google, soso, Sogou number coexist, and the difference is All flowers bloom together., each big search preferences of different requirements are different, for example in dealing with words, love Shanghai love between the various search keywords separated by commas, and Google search requires space. That is to say, if we only from the search, the search can not be unified, in view of the differences in the major search, we must care for this and lose that difficult to develop. Moreover, the search also has its own variety, who has experienced 6.28 massacre of the webmaster can feel good, a website, because love Shanghai search itself changes, blink of an eye will fly out, it can not make the webmaster thinking.