Shanghai Longfeng information chaos and miscellaneous novice get more should self help

many novice in obtaining information, usually to A5, the owners of the house or the laggards find, because these forums were highly recognized, in their eyes, these forums are very significance through the manuscript. But the truth is we think so? I think we can put all the things to be so pure, just like the A5 forum, although a good manuscript exists, but there are still many cheating manuscripts exist, including the master paper sometimes will appear some obvious mistakes, although it can our understanding of such a situation, but for some there is no industry experience of the novice, an inattentive will go astray, so I advise you on this star, not superstition well-known forum posts, for some cases and data of the article do not blindly believe, should be through the use of thinking to combat.

– Three: go to the famous blog talk industry access to information

I don’t know if you will take what kind of attitude in time to obtain information, want to learn a kind of mentality, or to find a definite answer? As in the teacher said, Shanghai dragon itself is not what standard, we found on the Internet to information and most are also talking about the experience of others and since it is experience, then there is a problem of timeliness, so everyone on the Internet do not blindly or simply seek is not, and no good answer, for some Shanghai Longfeng rigid rules can also be, but for some optimization methods and determine his operation simply can not, as you said spider does not recognize the pictures, you can’t do? So when everyone in the information must not go to extremes.

: a self-help not superstitious well-known webmaster forum posts, only believe the case data

Xingyi working every day with the message, because no matter how busy, I would go to stroll around Lu Songsong, a blog to relieve the power, and these blogs have a common characteristic that is very popular, the problem is very wide. It is more important here is different from the QQ group discussion, there are senior people "

two: self when retrieving information is absolutely not extreme

10.20, China Ping teacher closed light forum, this country level teacher gives three reasons, one is the pure Shanghai dragon more two is the Shanghai dragon be inopportune or inappropriate, the development environment is not good, the three is the mainstream technology and development of Shanghai dragon. Personal feeling behind these three reasons, is in the domestic environment of the Shanghai dragon teacher disappointed and helpless, because now the webmaster in website, think more is how to enhance the site’s ranking in the quickest way, so all kinds of Internet junk came tumbling forth, black hat tactics repeated the development environment is a lot of confusion just entering the industry novice talking, even go astray, so now in Shanghai Longfeng development environment, how to obtain useful knowledge has become a novice will take classes.