The current site operations do Shanghai dragon you should understand the truth

second is a search engine optimization and the contest must believe in yourself. Especially in the optimization, the site itself has a lot of problems, including included decline, ranking, these are great to play fast and loose their ability and psychological test, through the crisis, later you will understand a truth, the story of the lion to our table name, in fact, the donkey that a few strokes, howl, kick, shake tail. When the lion knew donkey these tricks, psychological advantage is the fundamental factor to eventually eat donkey, stationmaster is a truth, love Shanghai for investigation of the railway station is the problem, through this period of oscillation, you will see the outcome you want. Believe in yourself is the first magic weapon to conquer others.

fourth, as a webmaster to continue learning Shanghai dragon thinking. We are a lot of early site optimization from their past experience and the lessons of their predecessors, the search engine in the continuous development of owners should also be timely through self-cultivation, in the process of optimized website we can not keep the previous theories on, think before I was so optimized now I still do, insist on the attitude is worthy of recognition, but the method is suitable for the current optimization strategy can really, but also rely on practice to check, then, we in addition to keep their capital, to find some new optimization ideas, these ideas from the optimization program such as stationmaster net, Shanghai dragon why these industry website, the latest information to make we have a good grasp of the optimization of large rudder. Therefore, to enhance their awareness of learning is very important.


first, practitioners must know how to pay only the return. A lot of Shanghai Dragon said Er optimization of no effect, in fact a lot of friends are all new, site weights are still wobbly, anxious to return to that, it is not ridiculous? The sky will not give you the money It is without rhyme or reason.. So any one industry to pay only the return this is the everlasting truth, complaining and I first let you know how important it is to pay for the optimization.

as everyone knows, the author found that many webmaster forum have Shanghai dragon Er issued a manuscript, Long Fengzhen also talked about the current Shanghai seemingly do? In fact, I saw this article in the self reflection, the industry is really coming to an end.? in fact, I own more than the sum of the Sales Department by Shanghai dragon the optimization to the company’s orders, Shanghai Longfeng power itself is very large, the key is to see how you do? Here I talk about my own understanding for the optimization of

fifth, cultivate their rigorous attitude for the optimization. Failure is not terrible, terrible is his lost three story let down, Ma Su Jieting is the best interpretation, although not as serious now optimization, but shopping malls such as the battlefield, especially a site can bring a lot of orders for the enterprise, we must ensure the rigorous attitude towards the optimization of our work, any a small mistake will make the site fell into a trough. < >