The 2013 station in the Shanghai dragon in the teeth of the storm

also saw a lot of friends on the understanding of search engine technology, do some black hat, it may be part of a "trick", but Shanghai Longfeng consultants basically do not recommend this operation.

I have a micro-blog: Shanghai dragon master may love expert. Now I still agree. Shanghai dragon optimization sometimes like a proud and a little bit on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, attitude, actually seems a bit of black humor. Sometimes we want to stop a detective, find out what, there are not too many things that are, but the mind is like a rather than express feelings, not too absolute, but still feel that, uh, get something.

Shanghai dragon no secrets, say you may not believe it, but the fact is this. I always thought if not Niubi, Shanghai dragon will do is very sad, never out of date. So, in the past to create their own Niubi, please keep quiet. Have seen a lot of resume: proficient in search engine algorithm. I was very surprised at this. Because Shanghai dragon friends will know whether Google search engine or love Shanghai basically is not open ranking algorithm. Many people learn Shanghai Dragon technology is by virtue of the experience of predecessors, and then according to some official document search engine over step by step practice, but also caused the level of.

There are a lot of expert

for search engine we have too much love and hate. Take love for Shanghai, a lot of enterprise website optimization to a certain extent will bring traffic, and do SEM marketing work, there will be some conversion rate, but if you love Shanghai glorious past a sudden change in the situation, then the enterprise profit is Not the least trace was found., will have a certain impact, of course, I speak of here is a point, whether individuals or businesses are the same. Shanghai Longfeng consultants want to advise is: Shanghai dragon website optimization is a certain risk, need to be able to endure pressure.

to write this article at the beginning of 2013, it is hold too long, perhaps too fluent expression, may say is highfalutin, but the cruel reality has put the heart of defense, I have a dream, but the dream is a dream after all think, this is what I want to say. Stand in the limelight of the 2013 Shanghai dragon, please stay with.

, the Shanghai Dragon technology is no trace, my Shanghai dragon at best not to even start, Shanghai dragon Er is really good and achieve a consistent user experience optimization, also is to optimize the traces of Shanghai Longfeng people do not feel too much, but was attracted to the content of the website.

I say because I feel the cognitive search engine optimization technique is too shallow, and some began to beat a retreat. Shanghai dragon road is too long, this is not always a champion, not at the end of the road, unless you are a cockroach, otherwise there will be lost when the jieting.