The end of man does not come again in Shanghai Dragon

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2: right before the three is to create more opportunities? If stable in the right before three, does it mean that a major upgrade of the bidding price of


love Shanghai king in the bidding to save money, this adjustment seems right before the three advertisers, will laugh ah, according to the bidding principle now, in the star under the same condition, the first left with the right of the first price difference is not a little ah, so the price right first to cost a lot obviously. Developers can study from today, what kind of ways of adjusting words, let the ads on the right before the three stable, after consulting the company’s technical team, said the emperor Alexander, it also requires the research breakthrough, is a long way to go, I will search for

storm will come stronger now? We can only look forward to love Shanghai to continue to adjust, what is at least right blank position supplement? Liz, this is not your fotocall >

1: the left side of the three, or forever king? Right advertising exposure, SEM industry will ignore

2012 Shanghai dragon ER to love Shanghai natural ranking, is still a few happy tears, but there is a message but once again hit the confidence of everyone, love Shanghai for advertising display about do the subversion of the traditional distance adjustment, the right to the left side of the advertising position, right the large blank, the entire page is displayed in the eyes of many people can be said to be the ugly. According to love Shanghai wantonly rape user experience consistent style, likely so it continues, but the love of Shanghai province bidding Qianwang sincerely hope that love Shanghai and the subsequent adjustment, don’t want money right, but a small plum handsome uncle, the main face of the.


, you can feel free to search, now love Shanghai only customer experience are not, and now the whole screen is filled with advertising, even natural ranking optimization to the first, you will pray for potential customers to withstand strong competitive rivals blarney. Language, multi screen scroll down a few inches. This adjustment is love Shanghai exposed ambition, known to all, Liz now is not satisfied with the Forbes before ten, eager to do Chinese boss in the next few years, such adjustment, a large number of users will be forced to do the bidding promotion, even now love Shanghai bidding price low to the people can not tolerate. Shanghai dragon industry may have a negative impact, but this may be an opportunity of the SEM industry, whether it is to do SEM training, or do the data analysis, or adjust the word software developers.

A big update last Thursday


we now under such problems:

3: bidding words creative description, right left left some of the creative advertising display is not complete, and the right margin of a large, therefore, the right side of the creative will show more? Whether to make corresponding adjustments.