How to adjust the structure of the station to bring convenience to the Shanghai Dragon

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standard was the structure of the station is to be able to have a simple structure of the station environment, so the hierarchical control directory or pay attention to a certain extent, because the search engine spider came to the site, the spider is not every directory crawling, so we must try our best to reduce the amount of the directory and the directory, too give customers access page inconvenience, because users access to the site after the multi-level directory is the need to repeatedly perform or click finish, so the station is too many directory hierarchy to the user operation to bring a lot of inconvenience.

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Shanghai Longfeng a good internal structure can help us reduce the difficulty in optimizing the structure of the station, a standard can help us get more valuable position, a simple structure of the station to the customer can bring a better user experience, said so much about the structure of the station, I want to tell the structure of the station is not a single to everyone around the search engine, is more human words to set up and standardize the search engines crawl structure, only such a search engine accepted standard station structure we really want, but I believe we all understand this truth, but do it is inevitable to make some a mistake or not to make mistakes to reach a certain effect, of course, structure of the standard is not dead, but in order to have a good user experience and a Good position, we have to control our thoughts on problems in the perspective of customers, so how to set up a Shanghai Longfeng standard structure of

is a non malicious spider trap every site there, because we will use some search engines that can not be recognized or dangerous things to complete our site design or structure of the station sometimes, so non malicious spider trap is no way to control, but we all feel on the search engine spider trap non malicious supervision mechanism is not very strict so relax no notice of them, in fact we are wrong, in the search engine that a site there are many dangerous or suspected program is one of the causes of fall right and be K, so less >

is a good site structure of robots set is essential, we all know that spider came to our website to crawl the page, we can do some program because the program spider, the spider crawling is not included, the reason is very simple, no value information program directory, so small and included the odds of a website, the program is a collection of search engines is not good, so this time we have to crawl position control with robots spider, I suggest you prohibit crawling in the robots program, allowing more to crawl to the directory folder, so the spider can ensure that each included are valuable information page.