How to put the medical industry site of Shanghai dragon concept go to the project

website architecture

is currently working for a cosmetic website, when participation and framework of the website, and colleagues study, instructive, so write out for everyone to share. May provide some valuable information. Shanghai, for me, I think it is a kind of idea, rather than a purely technical optimization, if in doing the project, the concept of content, structure, Shanghai dragon at the beginning of the project, they are combined, I think can make your site more healthy. In addition, when doing the actual project, a lot of time, in addition to these outside, also need to combine the actual project to do marketing.

keyword layout


at present, the website now adopt three layer structure model, to design the web architecture and URL forms. From the search engine spiders crawl in principle may use the depth of search theory, almost everyone in the road to go. This is a common architecture, and very mature and excellent. The directory name is generally two, a name in pinyin, a named English combination. At present, the Pacific plastic net, using the English. The three layer structure can exhibit simple and intuitive. If coupled with a large number of TAG in the site map, and breadcrumbs, so for carding website can reach very good form.

channel page should belong to a selected channel 2-3 and channel related keywords layout. Channel page in general, general weight. Write the title, keywords, description. If you use the two level domain name, you can still go to location for the channel related important keyword. The details page, all sites place most traffic, long tail keywords is concentrated in this one. So the design of this page is very important. Specific details page, just do a keyword, up to two or three, and the two to three keywords, is a progressive ring mode, such as: Shenzhen plastic, Shenzhen plastic surgery hospital.

in the overall project on how the key to make effective distribution of

home is the site of the highest weight, but in fact, it is not up to the entrance flow. The home page keyword is popular, short words. (in many sites, did not go to fight for popular keywords, but to do the long tail, the reason is because the location of each site is different, so the key will have to take appropriate, please understand.


How )

keyword is all projects to do, Shanghai dragon must face, and most importantly, how to make the key layout well, determines the site ranking and traffic. In addition to the correlation analysis of keywords, then a large number of key layout, must also play a decisive role. According to the web pages about the proportion of conventional structure. From the page design, we can use the golden point, on the page for treatment.

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