Noble baby update search ranking algorithm against excessive Shanghai dragon website

also said the noble baby update will involve a number of languages, including English 3% keywords retrieval will be affected, German, Arabic and Chinese will also have an impact on more than 3%, while the Polish effect is accounted for 5%.

stack and false link is the excessive use of Shanghai Dragon technology website’s trick, and noble baby said, will punish those who use excessive optimization way to enhance the visibility of the site, on the contrary, strictly abide by the guidelines of the web search engine visibility will improve.


days ago announced the nobility baby ranking algorithm to update the search engine optimization, mainly to improve the technology and popularity of the website and regardless of the quality and content of the relevance of search results is the behavior against the "black hat" search.

Search Engine Land conducted an informal comparison test, the results showed that the correlation between Microsoft search results provided by Bing is better, and the noble baby search results page to use the more recognized Shanghai dragon skills. Search Engine Land also found the noble baby to the whole algorithm to update the search results to bring significant changes.