Love Shanghai search site no home where hundreds of thousands of traffic



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is a connected home are not included in the site where hundreds of thousands of traffic here, it is because we can not kick up a cloud of dust, and the long tail word of this site does have a very high ranking found when searching keywords, it surprised me, holding a clear purpose to understand me to enter search keywords stage.


after the chain analysis of the website I found outside the chain of this site very much, yesterday was 90 thousand, today’s data show there have been 110 thousand, but the chain come from? Finally, after domain analysis found that the chain is all novel website station outside the chain, we all know that an ordinary novel the site may have tens of thousands of included, if more than a few websites all to him with the chain, the chain is not likely to break through to make this site a day on one hundred thousand? You can say that this is the biggest cheating, may be the owner of this web site is from previous several novel sites, there are it is possible to cooperate with others in the Commission, but no matter how to say this is cheating. The search engine algorithm incomplete website >

just visit a "decryption ten days 7 of the weight of the myth" of the article, the article appeared in the website is very scared me, too scary, a website for 10 days of hundreds of thousands of traffic, with the purpose of learning to understand this website, but it makes me look fantastic,

is a website of hundreds of thousands of flow is really a very impressive figure, but this website is a new website, webmaster all know a new station if too much traffic may be considered cheating and direct K off, and now the site is subverting the examples we think, I also check this website found this site has no so-called historical site, that is to say a new domain name will have hundreds of thousands of traffic, the traffic can help hundreds of thousands of websites every day a lot of profit, can break the new Sandbox can reverse the fate, the establishment of a new miracle, can be said to do hundreds of thousands of traffic it is making people exclaim sign.


ten traffic impact on the site

search for a few long tail words are found this website ranking does, but compared with the site’s ranking has declined, many words from the first to the second, but the hundreds of thousands of flow is what the impact of the website? This site is how to do it? This site will be search engine K?

this site is how to do it

you can see when the site in Shanghai in search of love there is no so-called URL, and the following August 25th snapshot I click on the snapshot into love Shanghai also found