Laosheng share station Shanghai dragon optimization experience outward first


2, advertising and external information to call

, 4 image attributes and repetitive problemsWe all know that

before the momentary convenience often take some post or other site articles to their site, causing the station or network content is too repetitive, these are not the most spiders love, light person not included the content, or will be right down, so that you don’t do it this.

spider does not recognize the images, the ALT keyword can grab the picture, so that to ensure friendly website with the picture, as far as possible to let the ALT keyword with the title match, it can be combined with the effective.

Many webmaster to release

station link can be divided into two kinds: one, two, bare link anchor text. In fact, the anchor text is the best, so I will mainly introduce the anchor text, anchor text is also doing the longest service station keywords optimization. Every time when you can use the keywords anchor.

5, reasonable and effective to link station

reasonable screening will be written into the Tilte, the one and only the description of the article and keyword density (usually 6- per cent between 8 per cent of the best), the original and pseudo original article title content writing and highlighting what it represents, for an eye-catching spider can be said emphasize using some tags.

3, "content is king" in the station optimization is

1, a reasonable and simple URL

as the saying goes: "stabbing outside of the first". In this industry is very suitable, that is to say the premise of every webmaster in the external optimization must do well in the station optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, only do after doing so is very effect outside. So today and you talk about matters Laosheng I do stand experience and do some internal optimization of station optimization need some attention.

with the development of the website, to cite some external resources or advertising on their website on the inevitable, but directly added to the code will directly cause the code too much, will affect the access to the spider speed, causing some unnecessary influence, so that we can use the JS method to call to solve. There is not the site decoration too fancy, concise, it is not only good user experience and the search engine is very friendly.

is too long URL is extremely unfavorable for spiders, so we have to make some simple URL, and in URL is appropriate to add some keywords that can promote the website ranking, let the spider to more attention, of course, this is only applicable to English key words, Chinese words can take Pinyin together or is the first subtitle each keyword, not too long.