The enterprise website optimization selection intention strong keywords is the key

we select a keyword when not necessarily want to brand name as keywords, but must only ensure that our brand name lookup, cannot have too many other sites, it is need to pay attention to, this is a lot of business owners refused to see. If you find the brand name and other similar sites, then clarify they are doing this keyword, then you must find ways to make our website ranking.

Keywords optimization is to obtain more economic benefits to do

3. research competitor

business, then the key in addition to the search volume also has commercial value, also is to have the purchasing power. This ranking consequences of user intention is more concentrated, would be more useful to promote the sale of.

1. of the purchasing power of

enterprise website optimization most is to make the product, so we need to work on the choice of keywords, the intention of the strong keywords can form more orders. Of course, as the Shanghai dragon staff, the first optimization is a good show to you. As long as the keyword ranking, can talk about traffic and conversion rates, unless you do not rely on search engines to attract traffic into. Then to do business optimization time, the choice of keywords still has a lot of problems, from different aspects of old thinking, not only to get traffic, but also the inevitable conversion rate, it needs to do a series of tasks we before optimization. To do the detailed optimization scheme to a real estate website, met a lot of problems, so as to sum up about the choice of keywords is some criteria needs to pay attention to the.

has the intention to find the long tail keywords, users are running the purpose, if the long tail keywords do a useful local ranking, can not only increase traffic, more important is to promote the conversion rate. Only our website content is good enough to do, stick to the user, we can lasting >


from easy to difficult, this point must pay attention to. A lot of friends in order to reach the requirements of the boss may show the extent of my choice of keywords, some super hard, no purchasing power, or no flow. I do not say tired, the task will not necessarily. Therefore, must choose some high conversion keywords, even for small, at least have a ranking, can really bring benefits to the enterprise.

actually, before we do optimization, there are many opponents had done very well, it just gave us the opportunity to study supply. We are not as long as the purpose of keyword research competitors spread, we have on those keywords they have yet to do is probably do owe good rankings. Big companies have a weak link, and the time we started to use our advantage to do their short board, for a local customers, establish the market position.


brand advantage

4. long tail keywords ahead