Shanghai Longfeng user experience is king

not to mention the other, as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, when you can not resist, you must follow the script to go to love Shanghai. So the user experience, in the optimization, is also crucial. Now the search engine also began to pay attention to the user experience, user experience to get the webmaster attention. The previous "content is king, the chain for emperor", also gradually is not so applicable. And improve the user experience for the webmaster is also a problem, he don’t like before, we put some content, which provided some key words on the line. Now as the Shanghai dragon Er, if not only for short-term interests, to do so is dead.

, a user first enters your website is generally divided into accidental clicks, or to enter search. Two this, apparently intends to search people in order to have a better user conversion rate. The site rate is by loading speed is. Now, users of the speed getting higher and higher, the first approved only quickly open the web page to get user. So, website loading speed is a big problem in the webmaster should consider.

the first thing to say is must abide by the rules of the Shanghai dragon down design fresh and comfortable page.

then what are we how to improve the user experience of the website? Below I share with you what we do as Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon look at four ways to improve the user experience and skills.

two, fresh and comfortable page does not allow users to annoying

The overall design of

, the most basic site rate increased

since the start of 6.28, love Shanghai officially began its action, there is more and more important user experience. Low quality content, duplicate content, began to be ruthless abandon love Shanghai. For all this, love is that Shanghai is to improve the user experience. Can be seen, in the importance of user experience. Now for the Shanghai dragon, the real user experience and become a real king.

second site first appearance, simple and generous, the first sense to customer satisfaction. At the same time, pay attention to the collocation of color, with the theme of the site. Such as wedding photography is best to use warm color red. Of course advertising layout is a crucial point, a lot of advertising will easily lead to reduce the degree of user experience. If the site is not attractive enough, it would be best not to put a lot of advertising.

usually we must first choose a high speed host, and optimize the website code, reduce the use of flash, image compression method. Of course, must also ensure the stability of the host. This is the Shanghai dragon Er common practice.

site rate is first a preliminary appeal to your reaction. If a user enters after your site will immediately jump out of it, don’t say you after the user experience? You can only say that there are