Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools with caution

this also from Scindapsus algorithm with Scindapsus algorithm is a good tool for the success of Shanghai love, of course I was standing on the perspective of the Internet said, because it can purify the Internet, the Internet users to clean the world, for our small and medium-sized webmaster, if not a nightmare is bad news. The algorithm outline line, which links the sale of the site without by accident K, but at the same time, there are some fire? Why fire? Because I love Shanghai sometimes don’t know your link is not to buy, if you have been in the Internet world full of small ads, Shanghai can only say to you: love sorry, bitter small station.

fire is only a small part, it is important to give a warning to thousands on thousands of webmaster, love Shanghai has began and garbage outside the chain, the chain of garbage will lead to drop right, but this algorithm has a certain integrity Scindapsus, because in the absence of a denial of pliers, the chain is out of control if I see the WHO website unhappy, buy it soon got black links. Oh, love Shanghai won’t let you do it.

decided to let me reject the connection tool compared to a wall, do not open the door to the key in our hands. Of course, Baidu really very clever, it did not have a standard to judge the chain, leaving us a little space. Shanghai is really love love to make people hate


love this trick ruthless ah, I really admire his wit, love of Shanghai began to pay attention to the chain, we? Every webmaster should pay attention to your quality of the chain proportion, as shown below:

so, love Shanghai gorgeous introduced, rejected outside the chain of tools. My site leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 in more than 30 days so I refused to junk the chain a few days ago, I think many owners haven’t used it before, I don’t care, but now I really very much, because this is a tool to love Shanghai, completely changed over the years the chain can not control we have a choice of webmaster situation, outside the chain of rights, that is to say if you have the chain of garbage, but you don’t fall in love with you or the sea K refused to punish you, do you have any words?

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love Shanghai refuse chain tools, caution! Careful! The site down the right, right, and down the right, this is not the first time, I am also very cool look at this issue, may be just a normal love Shanghai update, adhere to their own health optimization measures, over time will come the. I comfort myself like this, so I am calm analysis of the causes of right down and down right after the measures should be taken. When I review recent work, suddenly thought of love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools to tell the truth, before that I had never been aware of the seriousness of this problem, because I refuse to really is the kind of garbage outside the chain, but the thought of here, with my right down, I can’t calm down. The window of the room under a light rain, I hit a shiver.