The forgotten Shanghai dragon bookmark promotion optimization tool

bookmark is a tool to collect various colors of people, so very random, so in the bookmark chain not urgent, although not heard of this will be punished, but a sudden increase in number of the chain is also will be punished, or not can unify the anchor text, also is naturally better at this. On the basis of the natural increase of bookmarks, because of the limited number of bookmarking sites, so we need to create multiple accounts to collection, or to have the form of collection award to encourage people to collect your website, here to say a few more well-known several effective Bookmarks: love Shanghai collection, QQ bookmark, delicious YAHOO, Sina, VIVI and others believe, want to know people will find some.

The weight of Because

general bookmarking sites are relatively high, so the quality of the chain is better, so as to the quality of the chain chain of bookmarks link is really much higher than other.


said simply bookmark the initial effect, when the earliest bookmarks, search engine is not so strong, in order to better reach you want to go to the website you can through the web site directory, site navigation, and site itself in the bookmark, the bookmark can be said to be a peak period, but as the search continues strong, a lot of social bookmarking sites gradually abandoned, only a little more well-known websites also have heard, many have disappeared, but the bookmark is not really not his work? Of course not, today simply say that the role of the bookmark promotion.

era bookmark has declined, but many useful bookmarks keep website habits, such as I love love Shanghai collection and comparison of Firefox plug-in Xmarks sync their love URL and page. But now these bookmarks chain in the website optimization on the highly. I have summarized the following points:

Although the

from the marketing team with green apple not tore the original starting version: 贵族宝贝28sem贵族宝贝/blog/diary/1029.html >

bookmarks so many advantages why still overlooked by many people? How to do? I also summed up:

was ignored, because the search engine is more convenient and rapid, Shanghai dragon Er feel bookmarking site is that several, even if there are a few outside the chain and is what? Actually I think otherwise, that the weights of 1 bookmarks chain may be more effective than the other chain.

because of the weight of the chain in the bookmark, the anchor text in the label of quality is also high, so the optimization of key words is a very good choice in bookmarks.

bookmark sites are beneficial to customers, the customer is relatively accurate, but also more attractive, so the search engine will consider this to bookmark the link in a little more weight advantage.