Shanghai Longfeng enterprise optimization of the most easily overlooked

in the network marketing becomes more and more important, has become an indispensable part of the enterprise marketing, and web site you want to do enterprise site optimization, more cannot do without Shanghai, this, because now if some companies want to buy it, the search engine provides information on the proportion of more and more large, so only the search engine marketing, PPC, thus highlighting the increasingly important role of Shanghai dragon. With more and more enterprises in Shanghai dragon, so long simply under the most easily in the optimization in the face of things, and the most easily overlooked things.

calm heart: Shanghai dragon, calm state of mind, right, Shanghai dragon is not love Shanghai auction, within a short period of time can go up, but the money is rushing, and some even think about bidding, Shanghai dragon is related to Chengdu and keywords, can go within some of the words is not short time, some words need to spend a lot of time and energy, do not easily ignore the Shanghai dragon to calm state of mind, this time is very important, if not quite understand Shanghai dragon boss, please be sure to communicate more and more communication to Shanghai dragon, always feel a change in your site. The Shanghai dragon work to give affirmation, is to improve the ranking of the site work.

two: Shanghai dragon

: Shanghai dragon optimization process requires calm and stable

stability: the optimization process of each individual are different, if frequently changing jobs, the development of enterprises will be very bad, now Shanghai dragon industry job hopping phenomenon is very serious, there is the phenomenon of one of the reasons is because a few months I think enterprise site is not up, is the Shanghai dragon er the responsibility, so directly, is the enterprise of Shanghai Longfeng industry is not very understanding, how just the time limit and do not want this keyword, how the degree of difficulty, there is a point I want you to surf the Internet, on the line, as long as you give me such a result can cause. The marketing department of Shanghai dragon is not stable, do not go up substitutions, then the website has been in a state of flow, this situation can not be ignored.

every company, Shanghai dragon personnel only one, a separate, some executives think the Shanghai dragon is very simple ah, I saw nothing when he writes an article, then send a lot of blog posts, then you can do, but I believe that every Shanghai dragon er said Shanghai dragon, which is so simple ah, Shanghai dragon to learn, to see the latest se every day is changed, a year ago Shanghai, what is now Shanghai, Phoenix is what look like, these are in progress, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, also need to move forward, every employees need some training, such as training soft ah, and attending a conference in Shanghai Dragon ah, master general assembly, and so on, is to learn to communicate, network marketing will become a public.

optimization personnel also need training