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after entering the second half of the love of Shanghai search engine, the large and small non conventional phenomenon, changes from the index of the amount of change to the keywords ranking to site weight changes, these unconventional phenomena has not stopped, but more and more serious, especially the index continued to drop, small changes in the site the flow is not too big, but most of the sites are mild and severe right down. At present, this phenomenon also makes some owners panic, fear of his website at a later date no weight, flow and ranking.

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your site meets the love of Shanghai K station

is the latest Shanghai love love Shanghai "strategy has been updated, the quality of search of the white outline has been released. So, some webmaster can through the white paper to determine their own website whether it meets the love of Shanghai K station standard. Why do you want to go to judge by the white paper? Because I love Shanghai will strictly enforce the white paper to the three quality standard "content quality, web browsing experience, accessibility, and from the three dimensions of website evaluation. According to the results, the love of Shanghai will increase to show the amount of high quality web pages and give good weight and ranking, will reduce the amount of "show low quality, serious or even not included or direct K treatment station. So, suggest webmaster see your site meets the standard of love Shanghai K station. The details are as follows (these types of stations will be severely punished:>)

today write mainly about the search engine optimization is difficult: the innovation of "win-win cooperation" mode of revelation, to see the essence through the phenomenon, K station, K station to see love Shanghai why? Webmasters may not understand this sentence, in fact, this sentence is well understood. About the meaning of the sentence, let the webmaster and talk about it, I believe this article will help you.

strange to say, why the recent love Shanghai search engine will be so unusual? Is it really like some people say: "love Shanghai server is not enough, the recent large-scale reorganization of the low quality of the site?" of course, this is purely a joke. So, what happened in Shanghai recently about love: the index fluctuated, keywords ranking fluctuations, the website weight associated with mild and severe right down, I love Shanghai in Webmaster Platform and officials also exchanged, they can be seen from the meaning of love the sea search engine is now some low quality sites for processing, which is love Shanghai white paper strategy is being implemented, may be part of the site will fluctuate. The other is the love of Shanghai is being done to adjust the search engine. Of course, factors accounted for more than half of the white paper policy updates, if your site index fell or no recovery or serious drop right, only then that your website to love Shanghai white paper. But if your site index slumped again and is better than the original, so that your site is in line with the search engine is also in line with the user, Shanghai love will give you better show the amount and weight of the site.